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Assalamualaikum. Waalaikumsalam.

Hello peeps! Known as "ainishakinah". You can separate my name one by one and call me whatever you want. This is because I've a lot nicknames (kot) which is ain, aini, in, nini, kina, kakak, and sayang also (eh eh eh) :p I'm not that too short or high, yet I wanted to boost my height up bcs my little sister more higher than me T.T I'm neither fat nor skinny but then I realized that I had gained weight since  I continued my studies in UTeM -_-' Proudly Johorean (Bandar Seri Alam).

Such a dreamer (more to day-dreaming) that wanted to be a millionaire but I only have butterfly in my pocket. Once did my part-time job as clinic assistant at Klinik Keluarga Dr. Hani (omg i love the smell of drugs!). I wanted to be a dentist sooo bad *crying* I wanted to have my own bakery & wanna marry Hazama too! (i'm serious xD) I'm too addicted to chocolate and CNBluePurple never-to-be-forgotten.

I was a first-girl-born between my siblings but always being bullied by them (2 boys, 1 girl). Mak always said that her daughters were like a guy and vice versa. Have a pair of dimples and rabbit-teeth-look-alike (comel lettew xp). I used to participate 4x100metre race in school and had passed out during 400metre & marathon (not reach first checkpoint yet so yeah you may laugh) I also wanted to continue my taekwondo lesson after almost 7 years I stopped back then (lol maybe I'm not going to continue again). Don't feel strange if you have ever see me with a barefoot & sit everywhere :P Fyi, I'm a crybaby too (uh-oh)

I love to sleep and food and pineapples and I hate durians ugh and I would runaway from it (lol) and I love tulips and not interested to roses.

((I've no idea anymore)) Oh yaaa, you can be in touch with me by twitter; @ainishakinah or ask.fm; ainishakinah

p/s: psssttt! I just translated this from the older one (malay version)

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