Friday, March 4, 2016

First Impression: Web Programming

Assalamualaikum. Waalaikumsalam.

I have to take Web Programming subject for this semester and now I wanted to share my feelings towards this subject. As for me, by hook or by crook I have to face it no matter what because I have to lah kan. Kalau tak belajar kang macam mana nak dapat a good result (?) Anyhow, kena tetap kan niat elok-elok juga yang kita belajar ni kerana Allah & nak menuntut ilmu. 

For the first time I heard about web programming, I thought that its all about programming again and again because I learned C++ last semester and I really really really not into it. ((Uh-oh I'm sorry :p)) After that, the lecturer, Pn. Norazlin said it was about build and design the webpage, playing with HTML and other codes like CSS and reaction was like 'ehhh ada main coding html lah' (tetiba teringat blog) and quite interesting kooooot (html je :p) . Kot lah tau kot jeeee. Yelah...sometimes tu ada terfikir juga macam mana lah manusia manusia kat luar sana terror main dengan coding (lol kena lah belajar, kalau tak belajar semua pun tak reti -_-') As I was one of Wana followers, I was also impressed with her (dooo wana hebat do main coding T.T) and she was my inspiration kot! 

Okay...back to our business hehehe. Memandangkan haritu baru first lecture, so masih belum lah tahu sedalam-dalamnya pasal web programming ni an....and I hope this subject really can make me enjoy or excited or really into it but(!)....I'm not a creative person at all (sigh) I am also lack of taste and ideas about designing or anything else about that ;__;

One of my acquaintance once said to me and Alin (tak ingat ayat sebenar);

"Kalau kita rasa tak suka sesuatu perkara tu, buat je. Lama-lama Allah akan jatuh kan cinta kepada kita kepada perkara tu"
Lepas dengar apa yang kakak tu cakap, tbh memang hati rasa tenang je (thank you kakak dah sedapkan hati kitorang TT.TT) Hopefully, I can make this subject as one of my favorite. In Shaa Allah.

p/s: Pray for me, guys!

Thursday, March 3, 2016


Assalamualaikum. Waalaikumsalam.

Hi, for a loooooong time I didn't post any entry in this blog, finally I have to. (huhuhu) My web programming's lecturer asked all of students to have one blog so yeah my friends and classmates do also have a blog. You know, its kinda funny yet embarrassed when our friends or classmates or acquaintance or anyone who knows us read our blog (maybe its only me do have that feels hahaha). Its be like 'eyyy malunyaaaa' but when my blog's followers which is do not know me in real life read and know all about what I've through, what I've posted, I don't feel anything hahahaha. 

Actually, when our lecturer asked to create our own blog and she wants to look into it, I was sooo nervous, confused and all of that kind of feeling & I was be like "alamak, nak kena buat blog baru ke teruskan je guna blog lama ni" something like that. Andddd I decided that I want to use this blog and deleted all the posts since 2011 ((found myself 2 days for decide shall I delete or not hohoho))

I took a final decision that I want to start this not-so-new blog on 3rd March 2016. And actually I wanted to post this entry on 3pm but I missed the time (lol). I have to introduce myself actually. So here we begin.

My name is Nur Aini Shakinah binti Mohd Sharif. People used to call me Aini for short. I was born as the eldest sister among 5 siblings on 20 Sept '97. Proudly I'm a Johorean. Now, I'm pursuing my studies in Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM) & always got homesick (HAHAHA)

To be honest, I'm lacked of idea to what I should write here. So, if you want to know more about me, just click the ADMIN page on the top of this blog or maybe you have any queries, just ask me on my (gahhh my also got spider web T^T) Thank you for your wasted time.........erk(?) 

p/s: Sorry for my grammatical error (thanks to nabel :p) and....I would be glad if you leave a comments below. THANK YOU <3